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MSHA 24 Hour Part 46 New Miner
Lesson 1: Introduction to the Work Environment
Lesson TypeWe Are MSHA
Lesson TypeMSHA - Introduction to the Work Enviroment
Lesson 2: Recognition and Avoidance of Hazards
Lesson TypeRules to Live By I: Fatality Prevention
Lesson TypeSLAM
Lesson TypeRules to Live By III: Preventing Common Mining Deaths
Lesson TypeNIOSH Mining Hazards
Lesson TypeMSHA Metal and Nonmetal Accidents
Lesson TypeGood Berms Saves Lives
Lesson TypeHighwall Hazards
Lesson TypeMSHA Traffic Safety
Lesson TypeDangerous Wildlife in Mining
Lesson TypeProper Ground Control
Lesson TypePedestrian Safety
Lesson TypeDragline Safety
Lesson TypeMobile Equipment Safety
Lesson 3: Emergency Response
Lesson TypeWorkplace Emergencies and Evacuation
Lesson TypeMSHA Site Company Emergency Response Information
Lesson 4: Health and Safety Aspects of the Assigned Tasks
Lesson TypeHealth and Safety Hazard Awareness
Lesson TypeFall Protection - Construction
Lesson TypeFall Protection Your Lifeline to Safety
Lesson TypeFall Protection
Lesson TypeConfined Spaces in Mining
Lesson TypeEquipment Guarding - Conveyor Belts
Lesson TypeLOTO
Lesson TypeGuarding Machinery
Lesson TypeScaffolding
Lesson TypeScaffolds
Lesson TypeMSHA Hearing Conservation
Lesson TypePersonal Protective Equipment
Lesson TypeStairways and Ladders
Lesson TypeControlling Electrical Hazards
Lesson TypeConducting a Chemical Hazard Determination
Lesson TypeCranes and Derricks
Lesson TypeMaterials Handling
Lesson TypeControl of Hazardous Energy (LOTO)
Lesson TypePPE Construction
Lesson TypeHand and Power Tools
Lesson TypeHearing Conservation
Lesson TypeSafety On or Near Water
Lesson TypeJob Safety Analysis
Lesson TypeSling Safety
Lesson TypeWorkzone Safety
Lesson TypeWalking Working Surfaces
Lesson TypeExplosives
Lesson TypeFall Protection in Mining
Lesson TypeNo Escape Confined Spaces
Lesson TypeExcavation & Trenching Safety
Lesson TypeMaintenance Turnaround Safety
Lesson TypeSafety in Wet Mining
Lesson TypeOverhead Cranes and Hoists
Lesson TypeEnvironmental Hazards in Mining
Lesson TypeRailcars in Mining
Lesson TypeStrains and Sprains
Lesson TypeLow Voltage Safety
Lesson TypeSafety Around Powerlines
Lesson 5: Statutory Rights of Miners and Their Representatives
Lesson TypeMiners Rights
Lesson TypeMiner Rights - Voices
Lesson 6: Authority and Responsibilities
Lesson TypeMSHA Site Chain of Authority List
Lesson 7: Rules and Procedures for Reporting Hazards
Lesson TypeWorkplace Examination & Hazard Reporting
Lesson TypeHazard Recognition
Lesson 8: Self-Rescue and Respiratory Devices
Lesson TypeMSHA Respirators
Lesson TypeRespiratory Protection
Lesson TypeSelf-Contained Self-Rescuer, The Inspection, Care, and Use
Lesson 9: First Aid Methods
Lesson TypeFundamentals of a Workplace First-Aid Program
Lesson TypeEmergency Care
Credits: 2.4
Certificate: MSHA 24 Hour New Miner - Part 46